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Sep 07 2010

Fear Street: The Surprise Party by R.L. Stine

Fear Street: The Surprise Party R.L. Stine 1989, Archway It was just another party — until the threats began. . . Main Characters Meg Dalton – Our Fearless Heroine; a “baby-faced” optimist Tony Colavito – Meg’s boyfriend; poor; father is a drunk Shannon Harper – Meg’s BFF Brian – Meg’s second cousin; weird Ellen Majors [...]

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Jul 04 2009

Fear Street: Into the Dark by R.L. Stine

Fear Street: Into the Dark R.L. Stine 1997, Archway See no evil… Characters Paulette Fox — Our Fearless Heroine; a blind pianist Brad Jones — the new boy in Shadyside, and Paulette’s crush; may or may not be a “bad boy” Jonathan Maddox — Paulette’s BFF; has a crush on her Cindy Webb — Paulette’s [...]

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Apr 18 2009

Twisted by R.L. Stine

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Twisted R.L. Stine 1987, Scholastic (POINT) She’s your sister. Trust her. Characters Abby Wallis — Our Fearless Heroine; pledging Tri Gam Gabriella Wallis — Abby’s sister; more serious and meaner than Abby Leila Sherman — Abby’s former BFF; pledging Tri Gam Gordon — Abby’s ex-boyfriend; dating Leila Nina — Abby’s childhood friend; pledging Tri Gam [...]

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