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May 25 2009

Dudes! Christopher Pike read my blog!

No, seriously. He posted a comment here. I thought that was pretty damn cool. I’m always impressed by authors who communicate sincerely with fans, and Pike has a history of doing that since back in the days when the Internet was shiny and new. Christopher Pike had a huge impact on me in my teenage [...]

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May 22 2009

The Fog by Caroline B. Cooney, Part I

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The Fog Caroline B. Cooney 1989, Scholastic You can get lost in the fog. In the fog things can happen that no one sees. Characters Christina Romney — Our Fearless Heroine; a 13-year-old island girl starting junior high on the mainland Anya Rothrock — island girl; senior in high school; dating Blake Benjamin “Benj” Jaye [...]

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May 15 2009

No, I have not been eaten by a teenage monster.

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I am just seriously lagging on this Fog recap. I may have to do another recap before I can finish and post it – maybe an R.L. Stine or something ooey-gooey vapid like that. There’s just so!much!stuff! in Fog that I’m having a difficult time not writing a novella-length recap. Damn you, Caroline B. Cooney, [...]

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