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Aug 16 2009

Stuck in the middle of Innocence

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Do not fear, my friends: I am steadily working on my recap of Execution of Innocence. However, I am currently stuck in a hotel with the slowest WiFi connection EVER, so it will probably be the weekend before I transfer the rest of my recap into WordPress and post it. I promise extra doses of [...]

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Aug 04 2009

“Execution of Innocence” by Christopher Pike, Part I

Execution of Innocence Christopher Pike 1997, Archway Death and devotion in a small town. Characters Mary Dammon — Our Fearless Heroine; in love with Charlie; wants to go to Stanford Hannah Spelling — Mary’s friend; Dick’s twin sister; unloved by father Charlie Gallagher — Mary’s honey; poor; mechanic Dick Spelling — spoiled rich kid; wants [...]

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