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Aug 04 2009

“Execution of Innocence” by Christopher Pike, Part I

Execution of Innocence Christopher Pike 1997, Archway Death and devotion in a small town. Characters Mary Dammon — Our Fearless Heroine; in love with Charlie; wants to go to Stanford Hannah Spelling — Mary’s friend; Dick’s twin sister; unloved by father Charlie Gallagher — Mary’s honey; poor; mechanic Dick Spelling — spoiled rich kid; wants [...]

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Apr 10 2009

Road to Nowhere by Christopher Pike, Part II

Part I is here. If you don’t feel like reading, let me recap: Everyone in this book sucks and needs to die, except maybe Rene, who might only need to be maimed. There, now you’re all caught up. You’re welcome. — Teresa, Free, and Poppy stop at an AM PM Mart. Poppy needs to go [...]

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Apr 07 2009

Road to Nowhere by Christopher Pike, Part I

Road to Nowhere Christopher Pike 1993, Archway Death came alone for the ride… Characters Teresa Chafey — our protagonist; running away from home after catching her boyfriend in bed with her best friend Bill Clark — Teresa’s boyfriend Rene Le Roe — Teresa’s BFF Freedom Jack — hitchhiker Poppy Corn — hitchhiker John Gerhart — [...]

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