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Mar 23 2009

Monster by Christopher Pike

Monster Christopher Pike 1992, Archway They were no longer human… Characters (Alive) Angela Warner — protagonist; new girl in town; Mary’s BFF Mary Blanc — gun-toting avenger; currently in jail Jim Kline — stud football jock; Mary’s boyfriend; possible monster Kevin Christopher — Angela’s friend; in love with Angela Lt. Nguyen — cop investigating Mary’s [...]

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Mar 16 2009

The Phantom by Barbara Steiner

The Phantom Barbara Steiner 1993, Scholastic (POINT) He’s got the killer instinct. Characters (Alive) Amelia Seibert — our protagonist; a cheerleader; Jilly’s best friend and Garth’s girlfriend Jillian “Jilly” Hoff — also a cheerleader; former girlfriend of Reggie Garth Dreyer — football player Shelby Gunderson — theatre nerd and class clown; recently friends with Jilly [...]

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Mar 13 2009

The Cheerleader by Caroline B. Cooney

The Cheerleader Caroline B. Cooney 1991, Scholastic (POINT) She would do anything to be popular. The Cheerleader opens sort of in medias res. Our protagonist Althea is talking with something — only called “it” at this time — about popularity. See, Althea is not popular. She’s not like I was in high school (i.e., basically [...]

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