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Mar 23 2009

Monster by Christopher Pike

Monster Christopher Pike 1992, Archway They were no longer human… Characters (Alive) Angela Warner — protagonist; new girl in town; Mary’s BFF Mary Blanc — gun-toting avenger; currently in jail Jim Kline — stud football jock; Mary’s boyfriend; possible monster Kevin Christopher — Angela’s friend; in love with Angela Lt. Nguyen — cop investigating Mary’s [...]

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Mar 16 2009

The Phantom by Barbara Steiner

The Phantom Barbara Steiner 1993, Scholastic (POINT) He’s got the killer instinct. Characters (Alive) Amelia Seibert — our protagonist; a cheerleader; Jilly’s best friend and Garth’s girlfriend Jillian “Jilly” Hoff — also a cheerleader; former girlfriend of Reggie Garth Dreyer — football player Shelby Gunderson — theatre nerd and class clown; recently friends with Jilly [...]

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