Why, hello there.

You have stumbled upon geekening.com, the online repository for all manner of random babble from yours truly.

So...what's here to see?

Words, mostly. Lots and lots of words.

I enjoy writing about pop culture and literature. So if you're looking for a site with essays on both Ernest Hemingway and America's Next Top Model, then you've come to the right place.

The main page of geekening.com contains short essays in a journal style, as well as more ways to socially network with me than you could ever want. For longer, more in-depth essays, visit the logorrhea section. If you're really desperate for entertainment, feel free to peruse the fictitious section for my (mostly satire) short stories and (cringe) poetry. Occasionally I get published online; links to my published work are available on my featured page.

I also love photography, and I regularly go on little excursions with my Nikon D70s. If you want to see my attempts at photography, visit my Flickr page.

I work as a writer/editor, and I am available for freelance work. More information is available on my Hire Me? page.

Enjoy your stay at geekening.com.